Terms and Conditions


These simple clauses will provide you with the information you need about our method of work, and will serve as a guide in the resolution of doubts and / or conflicts that may arise.

Agreement between the customer and Serotius.

This document is an agreement between you as a Customer and Serotius as your service provider. When contracting the services of Serotius, you must have read and accepted the terms and conditions drawn up in this agreement, since it lists the rights and obligations for both parties.



Serotius will follow up with the client in order to determine what kind of services will be carried out, and will prepare a work proposal specifying the scope of the project according to the client’s budget, as well as the time it will take to develop its draft.

Our prices are subject to change without notice. In the event that the client has not contracted the project and the prices have been modified, a new quote will be made with the new prices. The client may request that the previous quote be respected if it has less than 2 months of being issued.



The minimum delivery time of any web project is 7 business days. The normal delivery time is 21 business days. If there is any delay or extension in this delivery time during the development of the project, the client will be notified via telephone, to inform him of the reason for the delay and the new delivery date.

If there are too many projects in production, the delivery time can be extended to more than 21 business days. Serotius is obliged to inform the customer about such situation before hiring, and to estimate the delivery time of the project. The client must determine if the estimated delivery time does not affect his terms or plans for his company, and decide whether to continue with the project or not.



Before starting any project, 50% of the total cost is required, as an advance for our services.



The client undertakes to supply all the necessary material to develop his website: texts, photographs, logo of his company, slogan and / or advertising phrases, and other elements that you require. Likewise, the material must comply with the quality standards for the preparation of its website.

The project will enter a production when the complete, revised and structured material is available. From this moment will be released the working days for the delivery time.

The client must submit a complete text for his site, organized and structured, later in the following 3 weeks (21 calendar days) after having given the advance of his project. Otherwise, the project must be canceled.

The material for the website must be adapted to the size of the project, according to the quotation previously accepted by the client. In case the final structure of the site requires the annexing of new information pages, graphics, animations, forms, any item that has not been quoted, this will be an extra charge, which will be as a client for approval or discarding.



The client guarantees that all the material used and provided in order to comply with this order is not illegal and does not infringe the rights of third parties, in terms of intellectual property.

If you have any reason, the material will be published, the client will comply with the requirements to be included, the client will be informed, the problem will be corrected within a period of (15) days. Otherwise the product will be elaborated, designed and developed in the best way at the discretion of Serotius.



Serotius will present to the client the preliminary draft of the project (design screen) for approval or modification. During this stage, the client can request the changes or modifications in the design that he considers necessary, so that the project adapts to the commercial needs of his company, and the desired image can be projected.

When the preliminary design is approved by the client, work will begin on the development of the project. Any modification requested on the previously approved design will generate an extra charge. Serotius will keep the client informed of this circumstance.

Serotius will maintain constant communication with the client during the development of the project, when it is necessary for the client to be approved in the development of various graphic elements of the site such as tables, graphics, animations, etc.

At the end of the development of the project, the final result will be shown to the client, who will have to carry out a final revision of the website to make sure that all the data is correct, and also he / she will be able to request the modifications that are required to adjust the last details.

Any annexation of additional information to the website or modifications to the previously approved formats will be quoted separately. Sometimes it will be necessary to finalize the remaining 50% of the project before carrying out the new modifications.

Serotius is committed to keep the client informed and to determine the best time to carry out these modifications, taking into account the working hours and the difficulty of them.



When the project is finished, the customer will be asked for the final payment of 50%, which must be covered no later than the next 10 business days. If the client delays more than the stipulated time to finalize the project, he will be charged a 10% penalty on the final payment. Serotius is exempt from delivering the project to the client until the entire payment has been paid.



In order not to affect the client’s budget, any extra charges that may arise during the project, WILL ALWAYS BE NOTIFIED TO THE CUSTOMER BEFORE CARRYING OUT IT. The client will decide to give his approval to continue with the modifications, or discard them and continue with the previously quoted. The extra charges can be calculated by working hours taking into account the degree of difficulty of the modifications, or by object according to our price list.



Any cancellation of the service by the client is exempt from refund of any amount of money by Serotius.

In the event that the client has not delivered the complete material for the development of its website no later than 3 weeks (21 calendar days), the project will be withdrawn and Serotius will reimburse the client for its advance minus 15%, which will be retained for operating costs.

Serotius has the freedom to cancel or cancel the project in case the client does not comply with its obligations stipulated in this agreement, during the development of the project.

The customer agrees that Serotius is exempt from the refund of any advance payment in the event that the project has begun to work and that the design screen or preliminary draft is finished or is in production. This payment will be retained to cover the man hours used in your project.



The information disclosed by the parties for cause or on the occasion of this agreement, whether in verbal, written or magnetic form that is confidential shall be maintained in this manner and for that reason shall be protected. Consequently, none of the parties may communicate it to third parties or exploit it for commercial purposes, and must use the utmost diligence and good faith to preserve and keep confidential the information that has been received from the other party or that they have communicated to each other.



In the section of promotions are listed current promotions, which may be modified or replaced after some time. In case the promotion or discount is no longer on the page, Serotius is not obliged to make this promotion valid.

Some promotions are exclusive to existing Serotius customers to reward their loyalty and preference, and for that reason they can not be applied to a new client, under any circumstance.



The data of the clients and interested parties, gathered through the contact form or telephone interview are confidential and exclusive property of the company, and will not be disclosed to third parties, nor used for any commercial purpose that has nothing to do with informing the customer about of Serotius services and / or promotions.



The current terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice from Serotius. Any case that has not been exposed in this agreement will be subject to review and discussion by the Serotius team to determine the best possible solution, which is fair and which benefits both the client and our team.



Given that the service provided by Serotius consists of the design and development of websites, the eventual removal of the servers from the site due to causes attributable to non-compliance by the client, whether referred to previously stipulated times and / or payments, does not imply the elimination neither total nor partial of the debt acquired by the client towards Serotius from the acquisition of the design and development service.

As you can see, our Plans are very varied and adaptable; However, if none of them fits your needs or objectives, you just have to contact us or write us at info@serotius.us explaining how is the site you want to implement. In no more than 24 hours. We are committed to send you an approximate quote.